A: Accountants provide valuable services to individuals and businesses on a daily basis. We are here to examine and interpret financial records, advise you in financial matters, and help you plan for your future. We have a passion for numbers, and helping people save time and money.

A: Every situation is unique, so we tend to assess the situation first, and then provide you with alternatives and costs.

A: The general rule is, keep all of your financial documents for six years from the last Notice of Assessment in case of an audit or other extenuating circumstance.

A: Keeping your financial records current has many benefits.

  • Your financial information will always be easily accessible, so you will never have to scramble when making financial decisions.
  • When tax time comes around you will be able to submit your documents with ease.
  • Planning for the future is much easier.
  • You will be able to make better business decisions if you always have a clear picture of where you stand financially.
  • You will save time and energy in the long run (especially if you are audited!)

A: We are tax planning experts and can definitely provide guidance and advice in the case of an audit.

A: There are many excellent off-the-shelf accounting software packages. But, they are generally only as good as the user’s abilities. If you are not familiar with accounting fundamentals, you may not realize the information you receive from your software may be incorrect. 

We are trained in both accounting and the use of the software. This ensures that your information is accurate and there are no surprises at year end.